Since November 1998 the possession, cultivation and use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legal in the state of Oregon. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) is regulating body that issues licenses to growers, patients and distributors of medical cannabis. Patients benefiting from the program suffer mostly from severe pain and nausea. Prescription of medical marijuana is also allowed for people with epilepsy, cancer and tremors caused by Alzheimer’s Disease.

In the Portland area there are a number of medical marijuana dispensaries. Below is a review of the top 5 medical marijuana dispensaries in Portland. The reviews will revolve mostly around the variety of products available, the kind of services they offer, quality of customer service and the actual experience of buying medicine at the dispensary. The “experience” will most definitely include customer service, the cleanliness and atmosphere of the place.


KALEAFA| www.kaleafa.com

On Woodstock Boulevard in Portland, Oregon is a marijuana medical dispensary that aims to offer more than just marijuana and paraphernalia. It aims to offer a pleasant experience. New and well-lit interiors with down to earth minimalist sensibilities make you feel like you’re in your neighborhood coffee shop—cozy and comfortable. Knowledgeable “budtenders” ensure that you are purchasing the right kind of strain for your specific needs. With the variety of strains at Kaleafa, you can be sure that you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Kaleafa offers medicine in flowers, edibles or concentrates. They also offer paraphernalia such as pipes, vaporizers and papers. The medicine from Kaleafa goes through very rigorous testing to ensure that you get the very best quality medical marijuana. They test the product for potency as well as microbiological and pesticide screening.  Kaleafa also helps ensure the quality of the product you are buying. The therapeutic efficacy of the medicine is highly dependent on the quality of the product and that is why Kaleafa feels that it is necessary to offer their customers only the very best.

Since they opened, the dispensary has been getting a steady stream of satisfied customers. I for one am one of them. The place is very nice, well lit and clean. Another thing that I like about the place is that the location is good and quite accessible. It’s also pretty easy to find parking around the area so you can just be in and out of the dispensary with no problem. Also, I really appreciated the very knowledgeable staff. Buying and choosing medical marijuana can be quite daunting, especially with all the kinds of products available. Having somebody there who was willing to guide me definitely made it easier for me. Over-all I would give this place 5 stars.


PURE OREGON | www.pomeds.com

Pure Oregon is run by dedicated cannabis professionals who insist upon giving their clients top of the line products and services. The dispensary makes high quality medical grade marijuana available to registered Oregon medical marijuana patients. The company aims to provide the best quality products while at the same time establishing marijuana as a viable medical option through changing people’s perceptions about the drug. Pure Oregon is also proud to only be sourcing products from local registered OMMP farmers.

When I first came to check out Pure Oregon what was obvious was the wide array of strains that they had available. As a repeat customer, I’ve also noticed that the strains and the selections are always constantly evolving. On my first visit, they gave me freebies to try. One of the staff also took the time to educated me and broaden my knowledge about the products that are available out there. That was particularly important to me because although we can look up all sorts of information on the internet, nothing beats the knowledge and expertise of somebody who has actually taken the time to study and learn these things.

The place was warm and inviting and had most of their products in plain sight. Having the products laid out like that but arranged in an orderly manner, made it easier for me to get what I needed. The only thing I don’t like sometimes is the wait because they do have tons of customers. It’s not so bad however because they make you wait in a very comfortable waiting lounge anyway. One notable thing about this dispensary is the consistency of the quality of their product.

Overall I had a very pleasant experience with the product and their staff. The customer service in Pure Oregon is commendable and I would suggest to all other dispensaries to follow suit.


OREGON’S FINEST | www.ofmeds.com

Oregon’s Finest is a dispensary with a mission to partner with ONLY the finest growers and a promise to personally ensure expert quality and standards through every step of the growing process.  The rationale behind their decision to hand pick the best growers is that Oregon’s Finest believes that although strains are important, it is the grower that can make or break the medicine. Which makes sense ultimately because no matter how good the strain is if it is grown in subpar standards the efficacy of the medicine is affected. Their partners include Ideal Farms, So Fresh Farms and MT_Xtracts. As you can see, all their partners are leaders in the medical marijuana growing business.

One of the great things about Oregon’s Finest is the laid back atmosphere. They have their buds set out on the counter where you can just open the canisters and check the medicine out without having to ask the attendants for help. This is a great thing when you just want to check some strains out but are not yet ready to purchase.  Another great thing about Oregon’s Finest is that I heard that they close relatively late compared to other dispensaries. Great for a last minute run for medicine.

Oregon’s Finest lives up to its name by making sure their patients are satisfied with the products and the service. In fact most of the other OMMP card owners I know seem to favor this store over all the others. Their store is located on NW Kearney St., Portland, Oregon. You may check their website for more information and detailed directions.


COLLECTIVE AWAKENINGS | www.collectiveawakenings.org

Collective Awakenings touts itself as the premiere non-profit OMMP patient information and resource center aside from being a medical marijuana dispensary. Their shop is located in Northeast Portland. Collective Awakenings aims to provide the best in patient care by offering a place where patients can feel comfortable while getting their medications or just trying to fill out the OMMP requirements. Upon arrival you will be asked to present your OMMP card, as they are no longer allowed to accept paperwork. If you don’t have an OMMP card yet, you may browse for information on OMMP at the front lobby. Holders of military and veteran ID’s are in for a treat as the dispensary offers honorary discounts for our men in service.

The Collective Awakening dispensary has some great stuff. Some of the best tasting ones I’ve ever had. I visited their shop for the first time when I first got my card. I must’ve looked like I had no idea what to do because that staff just came in and gave me a run through on everything. I remember them answering all my questions, even the silly ones. Two thumbs up for the staff. They can be quite strict about ID’s and stuff though so you better be sure that you have yours on you. This goes for both patients and care givers. I love their edibles. Their edible products are one of the reasons I keep coming back despite how far away it is from where I live. My personal favorites are the green soda and the brownies.



Canna-Daddy’s Wellness Center aims to make interactions with patients more personal through their expansive knowledge of the medical marijuana strains they offer and through stringent testing of their medical marijuana strains. They offer a full-range of products from buds, oils, concentrates (including CO2 extractions), clones, tincture, topicals and medibles. The dispensary has anything you might need that is related to medical marijuana. Canna-Daddy’s Wellness center requires their patients to have their OMMP ID’s. They also accept proper and complete paper work in lieu of the OMMP ID. They offer memberships that include TV, Soda and Coffee Bar, snacks, edibles and after hour activities as perks. No entry fee is required for members or non-members.

At Canna-Daddy’s you can expect quality product and service in every visit. I remember talking to one of the guys there who suggested alternatives to my current medication and described all the benefits, pros and cons to me in great detail. Now whenever a dispensary doesn’t have the specific strain I’m looking for I can find a reasonable alternative in a pinch. Canna-Daddy’s Wellness Center probably has the largest selection of flowers of all the dispensaries I frequent. Overall, Canna-Daddy’s is a great and unassuming dispensary that puts the patient above all else. They put in extra effort to get you exactly what you need.

I hope the reviews I’ve given above have given you enough insight about the top 5 dispensaries in Portland.  This review should give you more or less an idea of what to expect from a good medical marijuana dispensary. There are just so many dispensaries out there with bogus products and unlawful practices. It is important to research and look at reviews about the dispensaries you want to check out.  Not only to save you money and effort but also to assure the safety of the medicine you are purchas


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